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Lodji Gandrung; I Was There in A Time

I got a special moment when finally i can joined the ASEAN Blogger Festival, and i went to the residence of Solo's mayor, FX Hadi Rudyatmo. The mayor's residence also called Lodji Gandrung. It is located in the central of Solo City, in Jalan Slamet Riyadi. You can find it on your right side.

And because this is my first experience to go there, i choose to wear Batik, as the cultural heritage of Indonesia, especially Java. Then the time's come. All of the blogger participants are invited to come to Lodji Gandrung for the Welcoming Dinner by the Mayor of Solo. Ah ya, this is my first time to see Mr. Rudy as the Mayor of Solo. In the last time he was a vice Mayor, and the Mayor was Mr. Joko Widodo whom is now a Governor of Jakarta.

I was surprised when the first time entered the backyard garden of Lodji Gandrung. There was a lot of bloggers already sat in their round-dinner table! Then i amazed how beautiful the garden was, it was so ethnic and so many of lowlight lamp there, So, i called it garden- party- dinner, haha.

Hello Bloggers! I saw hundreds of you in Lodji Gandrung!
Ah ya i love the foods that serves in that night. I saw some of traditional food like Selat Segar Solo, Mie Godog, Nasi Goreng Ijo, Sate Ayam, Wedang Asle. Besides the traditional food they also have Danish Kelapa, some kind of fruits, and Risoles Cury. I loovveee the food, the good news, i got some of them and i fulled by those foods!

The Welcome Dance are the special performance that held in
Lodji Gandrung.
FX Hadi Rudyatmo also gave his speech to the participants of ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013. He gave some explanation about Solo, the project target of Solo Governance, and also some interesting facts of the Governance.
FX Hadi Rudyatmo given his speech in front of the delegates of ABFI 2013, and  some  VIP guests
Hmm, anyway i got one goodie bag before i entered the Lodji Gandrung's backyard. I got all about Solo's stuffs, like books, CD, and the cultural calendar event. It's an interesting gift for me, i always wanna get the official stuffs about Solo from it's governance and finally here and in that time, i can got it!
Hello Solo! Thanks for the goodie bag and it's gifts, i really love it :)
After the speech, and the opening ceremony of ASEAN Blogger Festival 2013's event, me and the friends took the photos of ours. here's some of them:
left- right: me, Momo, Ichi, Mega (thanks to mas nanda for the photos)
The details og Lodji Gandrung's terrace after the dinner.
The bloggers in the dinner! They wore their best batik

Thank you, Sir for the invitation for all of the ASEAN Blogger Festival Participants! I love the gift, the books, and th food. A hospitality dinner event :)

-hanna siahaan-