Senin, 12 November 2012

My Christmas 2012 Wishlist

It’s about six weeks to go o Christmas. I feel exciing for that day that will come sooner, or if it’s not come sooner i hope the six weeks must be great to past with. I just can’t imagine how i spend this Christmas, because i’m not sure that i can come home for this Christmas. So, here i am with my ultimate wishes:


I just want in my home when the Christmas comes. Spending the Christmas Eve together with my family. Pig out the cakes, snacks, colas, and all kind of happiness in the jar :D
I just want to meet my friends, and shake their hands then say: Hi, Merry Chistmas! How are you....
I just want to have my days out in my home with my family.

2. Girls Things

I want a new dress (or two) just like a little girl whom will had her first Christmas gift wishes  I want a pair of heels. I want a clutchbag. And i want the accesories for my Christmas dress set. Muahaahaha :D
But i will make it comes true with my own effort, doing something, earn money then i can buy all of this things. I hope so..

3. A new book

About one or two or maybe three new books will be my best partner to spent the night with. For me, a night in a holiday it feels like pathetic like you dont have to be anywhere but you have anything to do. Then i planned to spent the night to read the book and fill my self up with those books. A lots of reads, a lot of experience.

4. Cans of Bear Brand

I really love BEAR BRAND so much. Bear brand is awlways be my best partner ever in the sickness or in the good situation. Ah, i believe bear brand is made from a little of heaven things.

5. Brownies

I called it heavens in a bite. Hello brownis, please be there when i celebrate the Christmas holiday.

6. A scrap book

I wanna make a scrap book by myself to record the journey that i had until now on. Making a footprints and a track which place that i ever visited, and how’s there. I wanna go around this Indonesia, continuing my journey.

Well, i thought there will be a long list i have to made if i dont stop to write. That’s all. Happy (welcoming) holiday, everyone!

-Hanna Siahaan-

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